Handsome Guy Bandit Capture After Chase

Handsome Guy Bandit Capture – After a car chase in Mississippi a bank robber known as the Handsome Guy Bandit in Texas has been captured.

Police in Mississippi tried pulling Steven Ray Milam over on Tuesday morning, after his tag number was run and came back that he was a wanted man in Texas. Milam refused to pull over and officers shot his tires out. While officers rushed in to arrest Milam he tried to swallow several pills and was taken to the hospital for ingesting the pills.

Milam got his ‘Handsome Guy Bandit’ nickname after he robbed a dozen Texas banks while wearing a very elaborate Hollywood style movie mask to conceal his identity, which police believe cost around $800.

In his most recent bank robbery attempt of a Compass Bank, Milam shot at officer’s in his getaway. On Saturday Texas police recovered the mask, a gun, and some money from his vehicle.

In an ironic twist it was discovered that Milam is listed as the owner a funeral business called Monumental Memorials in Tyler Texas.

Police and the FBI report that most of the bank robberies in the Dallas area by the ‘Handsome Guy Bandit’ have occurred in the past year. Back in 2005 Milam served two years in prison for a bank robbery.

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