Hulk Green Paint Brazilian Man For Life

Hulk Green Paint – A Brazilian man, who is a huge Incredible Hulk superhero fan, got a little worried when he learned he used ballistic missile paint to make himself completely green but could not remove it afterwards.

35-year-old Paulo Henrique dos Santos, who works as a pool attendant and DJ in Vila Cruzeiro, inked himself up with the color green from head to toe, to attend a running event as his favorite superhero.

However, when Paulo returned home and tried to wash off the paint he realized it wasn’t coming off no matter how hard he scrubbed. When he checked the can of paint, he realized he had used a super industrial-strength paint typically used on ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.

Paulo explained to Brazilian news site, that when he had gone to the store to buy the same paint he had used before for his Hulking out, they were out of it, so he had just crabbed the first can he saw.

After word spread around of Paulo’s embarrassing mistake, he was further humiliated by a local paper who came and photographed him being scrubbed down by his mother put in the story called her his girlfriend.

With the help of other friends and family members between Sunday and Monday Paulo received around 20 baths and scrub downs to try and remove the paint from his skin. He even had to sleep in a plastic lined room to ensure he did not stain any furniture.

By Monday, and several baths, the paint completely faded away to be unnoticeable. He said his biggest fear throughout the whole ordeal was getting lead poisoning from the paint, but after being checked out that hasn’t happened.

Paulo also admitted that he really wasn’t embarrassed by what happened like possibly a normal person would, saying he enjoyed the attention, especially from the neighborhood children, who followed him around.

“I turned a kind of celebrity,” he said.

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