Hustler Truck Cruises San Francisco (Photos) Neighbors Unhappy with Vehicle

This is an entire new idea for Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club because now he’s offering a Strip Truck in San Francisco, and many people think he really outdid himself this time. While San Francisco is known for a lot of strange things, the truck features an oversized payload with glass walls and Hustler Club strippers dancing on the inside. The outside is covered with pictures of women to entice the male population.

Local residents can see the vehicle on weekend nights and it can be seen cruising through the city’s party neighborhoods. However, that’s not why local city residents have become upset.

As it turns out, it is when the truck is parked during the day that is getting everyone angry, especially those with children.

City Supervisor Eric Mar has done everything possible to keep the truck out of the neighborhoods. However, the driver has been taking it home and parking the truck in his neighborhoods, which has further sparked complaints.

“It’s right by the Anza Branch Library and half a block from an elementary school. Mostly [those complaining] they’re women. Parents. There’s a general feeling from people that these kind of vehicles, with large photographs of scantily clad women, should not be there,” Mar told CBS News.

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