Indian Politicians Want Vampires By Placing $2,000 Bounty

A group of Indian politicians in the country of India have pooled their own money together to bring them a set of vampires, dead of course, and placed the American equivalent of a $2,000 bounty for anyone who can bring one in.

The politicians are not the ones off their rockers. However, they placed the bounty on the vampires in a village called Dhamapuri, because of the locals are reporting that their cattle stock is being mutilated by vampires. The villagers are claiming that the cattle are being drained of their blood.

So they placed the bounty in order to quell fears of supposed vampire attacks, in the hopes that after a while when no one actually produces a vampire corpse, villagers will realize there are none to begin with.

“It is a big hoax,” said O. Jayaraman, who announced the reward, to a newspaper. “Anti-socials whose illegal night activities such as bootlegging and liquor brewing have been disturbed are spreading rumors and killing cattle.”

The district of Dhamapuri has a population of about 65,000 people, it is unknown how many are vampires. Aside from now being known as a vampire haven, the town is known for its mango farming. In addition, the district has one of the best-quality marble stone reserves in the world.

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