iPad Ghost Reveals Itself With Top Hat

A teenager with an iPad reveals a ghost wearing a top hat after she took a photo in the family backyard, which shows a man with a cape in the bushes.

Charlotte Wearing, 16, has named the ghost Jack, who has visited the home in Ward Green Barnsley regularly over the last four years.

“When she came down the stairs, her face was white and she was tapping the iPad because she’d got Jack,” her mother Gillian said.

Charlotte has also seen a woman in a blue dress and shawl holding a baby in her parents’ room last year.

Gillian believes the pair might be linked to Jack in some way.

“I feel so sorry for him because I think he’s looking for his wife and child. I think he should just move on but I’d love to know who he was and why he’s here,” she said.

Charlotte says she would have preferred not to have seen the ghostly figure.

“I don’t like it…I just don’t like it,” Charlotte said.

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