Japan Whopper Has 1,050 Strips Of Bacon

It’s not another crazy Burger King menu ploy like the bacon sundae, but the hamburger chain’s motto is “You can have it your way,” so when a website in Japan wanted a burger their way with 1,050 strips of bacon, they obliged. It all came with a Whopper burger and bun at a local Burger King restaurant in Japan.

In fact, the chain offers an upgrade for any burger with 15 strips for the cost of $1.25 in American currency.

The website, Rocket News, decide to challenge one man to eat a burger after opting for 70 of the 15 bacon strip upgrades on one burger. The burger cost the website 7000 Yen or $86.85 American, not bad for a little international exposure after filming the challenge and posting it to its site.

One man, who presumably works for the website, attempted to eat the bacon burger. However, he ultimately failed to finish it. After making the attempt to eat the burger, he got up appearing like he was sick. The camera man followed him as he ran to the nearest bathroom.

There was no word if the rest of the burger was saved for lunch the next day.

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