Jesus Daily Facebook Gains More Likes Than Justin Bieber

A Facebook page called “Jesus Daily” has gained more likes than Justin Bieber, achieving more people each week than the previous title holder on the social-networking site.

According to the New York Times, for the past three months Jesus Daily has been the most ‘liked’ page on the social network site. The page was created by Aaron Tabor, a doctor in North Carolina, as a hobby.

In one week the page garnered 3.4 million ‘likes’, commenting or sharing thoughts on the page, in comparison to 700,000 in a week for Bieber. Currently, there are 8.5 million new subscribers to the Jesus Daily page.

With so many people facing struggles in life, Tabor says he wants “Jesus Daily to be a central place where they find encouragement, no matter what battle they are fighting.”

The Jesus Page isn’t alone on Facebook. The Joyce Meyer Ministries is in the top-20 trafficked pages. It’s not just Christian based pages that are reaping the benefits, a rabbi told the New York Times that Facebook is helping build larger congregations, while interacting with an increasing online worshiper base.

While some believers feel that Facebook is enough for their religious needs, one reverend doesn’t buy into the hype, noting: “They can never replace the importance of people being together physically in the service of worship.”

Tabor originally started his page in 2009 after seeing Facebook’s success in promoting his diet book and online nutrition business. “I wanted to provide people with encouragement,” he told the Times. “And I thought I would give it a news spin by calling it daily.” And his Jesus page is still building social connections.