Judge Blocks Scheduled Cat Execution In Chicago After Owner Dies

A Chicago judge blocked a scheduled execution of a cat after its owner died and requested that the animal instead be fostered by someone else. 76-year-old Georgia Lee Dvorak passed away last Christmas Eve, leaving behind a $1.3 million estate that she bequeathed to several different animal-related charities.

Though Dvorak was an animal lover, she stipulated in her will, that after her passing her 11-year-old cat, ‘Boots’ to be euthanized rather than possibly being placed in an abusive home.

However, a neighbor of Dvorak’s, Sandra Buturusis, along with banker Jeffrey Schmidt., decided to go to court to fight the stipulation.

Buturusis tells CBS of Boots, “She’s lovable, playful. Though she’s 11 years old, she doesn’t act like it.”

While Schmidt said, “We didn’t want to euthanize this healthy, living animal.”

The judge agreed with Schmidt and Buturusis after they presented a signed petition and granted Boots a stay from execution. Boots has now been placed in an unidentified home with a history of caring well for other cats.

“I guess you could say this time curiosity saved the cat,” Schmidt said. “We’re very happy for that.” Schmidt says that the bank he works for has also donated toys and food for the cats new owner.

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