Library Sends Cops After Woman with Overdue Books

Library Cops Overdue Books – A Massachusetts library sent the cops after a woman at her home who had some overdue books that she never returned and charged with her with a misdemeanor plus fines to pay. But it could be worse — Christopher Anspach from Iowa was sentenced to jail for 10 days. The local area residents are baffled about the whole situation and perhaps they’ll think twice before returning anything past a deadline.

Police officers ended up going to one families house where a five year-old girl was left in tears after be frightened that, her or her mom would be spending time in jail for two of her overdue books.

Sgt. Dan Dowd admitted to a local news station, he did not care for the task of having to visit residence’s like the Benoit families, the home of the scared 5-year-old. But the police department was asked to attempt to collect on over $2,600 in fines or get back the books from 13 different residences.

Library officials said they had sent out several notices to its most egregious offenders before taking such drastic measures. However, the Benoit family says they never received any notices and handed the books over to officers after finding them in the home.

Some residents didn’t know that the local police could legally arrest someone for being late. The incident upset neighbors who believe the act itself demonstrates tyranny in the free world.

In most cases after several attempts of not being able to retrieve back checked out books or other media materials, libraries simply turn accounts over to collection agencies effecting credit scores, after suspending library privileges.

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