Light Saber ‘Toys R Us’ Calls Portland Police Over Mad Man

Portland Police arrested David Allen Canterbury for was using a child’s Star Wars light saber to attack three people,at the Toys R Us Jantzen Beach Center store on Hayden Island, before moving out to the parking lot.

The incident happened on Wednesday night as parents and children raced out of the store while the ran went on a rampage.

Police report that 33-year-old David Canterbury assaulted the 3 people with the toy weapon as he yelled incoherent statements.

“Officers arrived and attempted to take the suspect into custody, but he continued to swing the light saber and was yelling incoherent statements,” officers said in their report.

After one failed attempt to subdue Canterbury with a taser in the parking lot of Toys R Us, another officer was able to restrain him momentarily, but the suspect then broke the taser wire with his Star Wars light saber, at which point officers grabbed him and wrestled him to the ground, according to the report.

Canterbury, is facing charges for assault, disorderly conduct, theft, resisting arrest and interfering with a police officer.

Police were also waiting for results of a mental evaluation from the hospital. Apparently, the man knows how to use a light saber, having the ability to knock off the taser, but his downfall was using it inside the Toys R Us store.