Lost Homework Burglary Connects To Boy’s Arrest

A boy in upstate New York lost his homework after dropping during a burglary. The boy was soon arrested and faces criminal charges after police used the lost homework to track him down. Let’s just say that the 12-year-old was totally shocked when law enforcement arrived to make the arrest.

It all started when the owner of an auction house went into work Sunday morning and noticed that a window was missing.

He then took stock of the items in the auction house and noticed that some jewelry, cell phones, video games and other items were missing.

The store owner called the police and they investigated the scene. As they went outside, detectives found some school work hidden in some nearby woods behind the auction house. The papers had the student’s name on them.

After locating the youth’s home and finding the items in his possession, he was arrested and charged with burglary.

The boy will have no problem coming up with an excuse for his lost homework, though he may be wishing his dog ate it.

His case is being handled in Sullivan County Family Court in Liberty New York.