Lost Puffin Bird In Downtown Montreal

Lost Puffin – A lost seabird known as a Puffin, that rarely comes in to contact with humans, was found wandering the streets of Montreal, about 1,000 kilometers from its home and breeding grounds.

The little Puffin was found Thursday night a couple blocks away from the notoriously busy nightlife area of Cresent street.

“He was running in the street,” Susan Wylie of Le Nichoir the director of a local bird-rehabilitation centre, “it’s lucky to be alive.”

Wylie said it just so happened a veterinary tech in the area spotted him and saved him. “Luckily, she knew what type of bird it was and grabbed him, And they don’t run very quickly because they’re diving birds.” he said.

Puffins are known to breed and nest in large colonies on coastal cliffs or offshore islands. It is the official bird of Newfoundland and Labrador near the Canadian coastlines.

As for the wayward puffin in Montreal, it looks to be in good health and be flown back to St. Johns and released back into the wild.

As far as how the birs made its way to Montreal is unclear a theory that the workers at the rehabilitation centre have is it caught a ride on a ship in Atlantic Canada.

Bill Montevecchi, a biologist at Newfoundland’s Memorial University, said “while Montreal is far from this Atlantic puffin’s likely home, the increasing number of city lights along the coasts are causing more and more of these birds to veer off course.” For now, the little lost Puffin doesn’t seem to mind.

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