Lotto Mistake $14m From Ticket Machine

A lotto mistake gave a woman $14m dollars in California last Wednesday after she put too much money into the ticket machine and ended up a millionaire.

Thuan Le was at her local CVS pharmacy when she decided to buy five dollars’ worth of lottery tickets. When the single mother of four boys made a mistake and put in six dollars, she decided to use the extra dollar to buy a SuperLotto Plus ticket, which ended up winning her $14 million.

The woman’s $14 million lotto mistake caused her to scream when she found out she had the winning numbers. Le immediately drove to the California Lottery’s Santa Ana District Office to claim her prize.

“We thought she was joking,” her son told California Lottery officials. “But we thought would she really joke like this? My older brother said, ‘Yes, she would.'”

The mistake-maker and $14 million dollar lotto winner says that she plans to travel with some of the money. It is reported that the CVS where she bought her ticket will receive a bonus of $70,000 for selling the winning ticket.

The $14 million lotto mistake was made using the winning numbers 5, 33, 25, 46, 32.

Le and a friend usually go together and buy their Lottery tickets at the same time, but this time, she went by herself to purchase her usual $4 worth of POWERBALL and $1 in SuperLotto Plus from her local CVS Pharmacy.

She accidentally put $6 in the self-service terminal and bought her tickets. When she realized she still had $1 in credit, she thought, “I might as well get another SuperLotto Plus ticket.” That 6th ticket was the winner.

This morning, when her friend asked if she had checked her tickets yet, she replied she hadn’t, so the friend went to get the winning numbers.

When she returned with them and they all matched, Le rushed over to check for herself. Shortly after that is when she left screaming. Le called her sons and one of them came over to take her to claim her prize.

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