Man Assaults Mom With Ham

Man Assault Mom Ham – Police arrested a man on a domestic assault charge after he hit his mother with a ham in in Tennessee.

Union City police said Brenda King, 55, told officers her son, Emanual Cordell Kennedy, 37, threw an object that struck her in the back while she was walking down the hall during an argument Tuesday, The (Union City) Messenger reported Thursday.

King then left the home and went to the police department to report it.

Officers said Kennedy admitted to throwing the ham and said he was not expecting his mother to be walking down the hall at the time and had not meant to hit her with the meat.

Kennedy was arrested on a charge of domestic assault.

Back in September, Dallas police were looking for a man who had allegedly beat a assaulted a women with a frozen armadillo. The pair apparently began arguing over the price of the item when the man twice threw the armadillo at the woman. She was reportedly bruised by the attack.

Detectives have been unable to find the man, who could also face assault charges of the strangest kinds.

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