Man Bites Dog On Face To Save Wife

An Iowa man bites a vicious dog’s nose in order to rescue his wife and pet beagle.

Caren Henry of Grimes was walking their dog Kandy the evening of April 28 near rural Madrid when a 50- to 60-pound Labrador mix came racing across a yard and attacked her.

The out of control dog, named Buddy, bit the woman’s thigh, abdomen, and then it went for her nose and ended up taking half of it off. Next, he set his sites on her beagle, Kandy.

Luckily, Caren’s husband, Laine, drove up as the attack was taking place.

“Caren turned and looked at me, and I seen her face was nothing but blood, so I bit the dog literally in the nose and he let go, and I grabbed our dog and I grabbed her, and I put them in our pickup and took off,” he told WHO-TV in Des Moines.

His wife will have to undergo quite a few reconstructive surgeries in order to repair her nose. Laine suffered only minor injuries to his arm.

“It could have been a lot worse, he could have got my neck, he could have taken my eye,” Caren said. “If I hadn’t been wearing my sunglasses, I’m sure I would be missing an eye. If it had gotten ahold of my throat, I’d be dead,” she added.

Buddy was returned to his owners after being quarantined for six weeks. This was not the first time he was impounded, back in 2012 he was put her away for attacking another dog.

Iowa county, where the incident occurred, does not have a vicious-dog ordinance.

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