Man Steals Bobcat Tractor To Break Into Family Dollar

A Chicago area man was arrested late last week for stealing a Bobcat tractor and then using it to break into a local Family Dollar store. 50-year-old Michael Younger was arrested early Friday morning and charged with two counts of felony burglary.

Younger had stolen the Bobcat from a West Side Chicago construction site where a former police station was being transformed into a community center for young mothers. He then used the heavy machine to drive through a barrier and crashed it into the Family Dollar store window.

After breaking the window with the Bobcat, Younger went inside and stole several gift cards and two cans of deodorant, police say. He was later found in possession of the stolen items, near the store after police responded to the store’s security system. Younger told police he found the items laying on the ground when he was confronted.

A comparison of Younger’s image was made to the store’s surveillance video footage before he was charged to positively identify him.

The incident occurred around 4:15 in the morning on Friday and Younger was scheduled to appear in court for a bond hearing on Saturday.

In March, a man called for a taxi to drive him to a Galesburg, Illinois Dollar General Store, where he flashed a knife to a cashier to get $101 and then jumped back into the taxi, which he had drop him off several hundred yards away from the store, shortly after being dropped off police caught up with him as he was found walking.

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