Man Called 911 To Get Beer, Dials 79 Times For Police

Man Called 911 For Beer – Raymond Roberge, 65, was released on a $500 bond after the man called 911 for beer. He was charged with misusing the police and fire system. You are not going to believe how many times he dialed the emergency service line.

According to police, Roberge has called 911 on 79 separate occasions this year alone. Every call was a false alarm. The final straw came this weekend when Roberge called three times. He wanted the medics to buy him a beer. According to the Connecticut Post one time Roberge even offered emergency personnel $20 “and a handful of loose change” if they would just come and hang out with him.

911 Emergency services are organizations which ensure public safety and health by addressing different emergencies. Some agencies exist solely for addressing certain types of emergencies whilst others deal with ad hoc emergencies as part of their normal responsibilities. Many agencies will engage in community awareness and prevention programs to help the public avoid, detect, and report emergencies effectively. The availability of emergency services depends very heavily on location, and may in some cases also rely on the recipient giving payment or holding suitable insurance or other surety for receiving the service.

There are three main emergency service functions:

Police – providing community safety and acting to reduce crime against persons and property.

Fire and Rescue Service – providing firefighters to deal with fire and rescue operations, and may also deal with some secondary emergency service duties.

Emergency Medical Service – providing ambulances and staff to deal with medical emergencies.