Man Called 911 To Ask For Tim Tebow, Claims To Be President

A man called 911 and asked for Tim Tebow, claiming to be President Barack Obama, but the culprit was found when police traced the line and found him hidden under pillows in his mother’s closet.

It was a strange set of circumstances and the dispatcher was doubtful that this call was for real. They traced the call to a 28-year-old New Jersey man named Jason Slater.

It was around 10:30 p.m. when they found the man hiding in his mother’s closet, under clothes and pillows.

According to the Hopatcong Patch (via Deadspin), on June 10, Slater called authorities several times and would not give the dispatcher any information.

Then, he called the police headquarters pretending to be President Obama and demanded to speak with Tebow. He was arrested and charged with hindering his apprehension, and making false public alarms.

As he was leaving the Hopatcong Borough police station, he threw his ticket and received a fine for littering.

He obliged when authorities told him to pick it up, but then a block away from the station, he threw it back to the ground in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts, which got him an addition littering ticket.

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