Man & Girlfriend Fight Over Fifty Shades Of Grey

A British man was so upset with his girlfriend for reading Fifty Shades Of Grey, that he assaulted her with steak sauce, clearly showing that he’s not a fan of the erotic trilogy.

When Emma McCormick, of Carlisle, UK, read aloud passages from her copy to her long-term boyfriend Raymond Hodgson, he wasn’t thrilled about hearing about the book’s racy scenes of bondage and seduction.

Hodgson, 31, later told authorities that he thought the book was “pornographic” and “distasteful” and didn’t feel it was appropriate for McCormick to read it. He was so bothered, he drove to McCormick’s home the following day and, armed with a bottle of steak sauce, resumed the argument. The fight escalated until Hodgson pulled out the bottle and squirted it in McCormick’s face.

He reportedly said he wanted to show her what ‘saucy’ really meant.

However, McCormick and the Carlisle authorities were not particularly amused.

Hodgson has been charged with common assault; according to prosecutors, he not only attacked his girlfriend with the condiment but also slapped her in the face. He denies striking McCormick, but Hodgson pleaded guilty to the premeditated saucing.

According to the Carlisle News and Star, the presiding judge stated that “Hodgson’s actions had clearly been intended to demean Miss McCormick.”

Hodgson was ordered to pay her $150 in compensation and cover her $130 in legal fees, and given a 6pm curfew for a month and a half.

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