Man Survives Nail Gun Accident To Heart

Accidents will happen, but one man thought he was going to die after he accidentally shot a nail into his chest and through the heart with a gun. What are the odds of that happening? Better yet, how can someone survive?

But that’s exactly what happened to 52-year-old New Jersey native Dennis Hennis, who was rushed to the emergency room on Friday after he mistakenly shot a 4-inch nail into his heart while working with his son.

“It was about a foot away and it went right into my chest, right into my heart,” Hennis told reporters.

The nail penetrated Hennis’s right ventricle, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. His son called and ambulance and Hennis was soon airlifted to the trauma center at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey for immediate surgery.

“Imagine there is a nail in the heart and they have to do CPR. It turns a little puncture wound into a laceration,” said Dr. Michael Rosenbloom, the surgeon that worked on Hennis’s injury. “We closed the hole and his heart is strong.”

Hennis’s speedy recovery came at a good time because he just became a proud grandfather and was planning on seeing his entire family for Easter. Now he can celebrate without a four inch nail popping out of his chest. Don’t try this at home.

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