Man Wants Name Recognition For Tyrannosaurus Rex

A Nebraska man decided to have his name legally changed to Tyrannosaurus Rex in an effort to gain some popular recognition, which he claims to be an important part of being a young entrepreneur.

Tyler Gold has changed his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold, in an effort to promote recognition

The 23-year-old was granted the name change from his original Tyler Gold to “Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold,” after convincing a judge he was not trying to seek a name change in order to escape debt collectors or hide from law enforcement, according to the local York News Times.

The York News Times says, “In Gold’s official filing with the court, he said he wanted to change his name ‘because the (T-Rex designation) is cooler. Also, as an entrepreneur, name recognition is important and the new name is more recognizable.’ He verbally repeated his reasoning during the court proceedings, while on the witness stand [Monday].”

Judge Alan Gless in York County District Court says he granted the name change because Gold took “the proper steps in the process, including formal filing with the court and notice publication.”

The name Tyrannosaurus Rex actually means, “tyrant lizard”, from Greek tyrannos meaning “tyrant,” and sauros meaning “lizard.” “Rex” in Latin means “King.” So friends of Gold can now refer to him as the “Tyrant Lizard King of York Nebraska.”

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