Man Out Of Toilet Paper Crashes Motel Room

Man Toilet Paper Motel Room – A man caused more than $2,000-worth of damage to motel rooms in North Carolina after becoming angry at the lack of toilet paper, according to a police incident report.

The report said that the man caused $1,000-worth of damage to a ceiling and a further $1,000-worth to carpets in two rooms at the Charlottetown Manor in Charlotte Monday.

He is also accused of caused $20-worth of damage to bathroom lights and $70-worth of damage to a hairdryer.

The security guard, who reported the alleged crime, “stated that the listed suspect (tenant) became upset because he ran out of toilet paper in his room,” the report said.

“The listed suspect became irate and walked upstairs to a vacant room, which was being renovated. The suspect damaged the listed properties by clogging a toilet causing water damage to the listed property,” it added.

“The suspect then went back to his room and damaged additional property by physical force,” the report said.

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