Man Steals Radio Shack GPS, Cops Trace Him At Home

Out of the files of stupid criminals, a Chicago man was arrested only two hours after robbing an area Radio Shack of $17,000 of merchandise, which included a GPS system that police where able to use to track him down.

On Friday night, 20-year-old Raymond Jefferson had tied up the occupants at the store and began loading up on several electronics before taking off.

Assistant State’s Attorney Wendy Caceres said, Jefferson threatened the victims with a handgun, bound their hands with plastic ties and took their cell phones before stealing other electronics equipment from the store.

The problem is Jefferson didn’t realize that he needed to turn off one of the global positioning devices he took in order to be untraceable. With the help of store employees, police were able to remotely activate the GPS to locate Jefferson. After police located and arrested him, witnesses in the store positively identified him as the burglar.

On Sunday, Cook County Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil ordered him held on $350,000 bond on three charges of armed robbery and a aggravated kidnapping charge.

Aside from the GPS device, ABC Chicago reports the other merchandise stolen totaling $17,000 included iPads, cell phones, and Kindles.

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