Man Shoots Laundry Change Machine Faces Criminal Mischief (VIDEO)

A man in Winter Haven, Florida was caught on video surveillance shooting a change machine in a laundromat and now police want to know who the suspect is.

Sheriff’s deputies in Polk county, Florida are searching for the unidentified man seen in a ‘Busy Bubbles’ 24 hour laundry mat surveillance video walking up to the change machine and firing rounds into it with a semi-automatic handgun in an attempt to retrieve its contents.

The incident happened at 9 pm on January 4th, and when the manager arrived the next morning to discover the damage, she searched the video to find a man wearing a grey hoodie sweatshirt that covered his identity, committing the crime. then she called the police.

The man is seen walking up to the machine firing one round into it then looking to see if the machine opened. After that he steps back and fires several more times, realizing his attempt didn’t work he swiftly walks away. The man, described to be a 5’11, 185 pound African American, was unable to get any money from the machine after shooting it.

There was no word on how much money the machine was actually holding at the time or what kind of charges the man would face if caught.

Here’s a video of the incident:

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