Man Stabs Brother Over McDonald’s Brownie

A Pennsylvania man stabs his brother over a brownie from McDonalds last Wednesday night following a huge argument.

Apparently 30-year-old, Erik Cain had first gotten into an argument with his mother over the fact that the brownie had been cut in half. Cain’s brother, Gene, then tried to break up the argument, which lead Erik to punch Gene in the face, then go for three steak knives in the kitchen which used to slash his brother with on the shoulder, wrist, and forearm, according to police.

Police say Gene used a television in the home to defend himself, which he threw at Erik. Erik then ran from the house and was picked up a short time later by an officer while he was walking away from the scene.

Sgt. Joseph Laguzzi wrote in his report, according to The Times-Tribune, “[Gene] thought his brother was going to kill him, so he responded by throwing a television at Erik.”

Gene was taken to hospital for treatment of his injuries, which were non-life threatening and is excepted to make a full recovery. Meanwhile, Erik, who happened to be out on bail for slashing his girlfriend just three weeks prior, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

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