Man Has Surgery To Resemble Superman

A Philippines man had plastic surgery to look like Superman. Herbert Chavez had a nose job, chin augmentation, silicone lip injections, and even thigh implants. He’s been under the knife since 1995 to change his appearance to resemble the superhero.

The 35-year-old fanatic has his home decorated with all sorts of memorabilia of the character he adores, from pillow cases to life-size statues.

However, some doctors are led to believe that he has a disorder called body dysmorphic. It happens when the affected person is excessively concerned about and preoccupied by a perceived defect in his or her physical features, which often leads to surgery. BDD is diagnosed equally in men and women and causes chronic social anxiety for its sufferers.

It is also defined by the Mayo Clinic as a mental illness “in which you can’t stop thinking about a flaw with your appearance.”

Herbert began his surgery obsession when watching the Superman television series that featured actor Dean Cain as the “Man of Steel.”

With the success of his adventures, Superman helped to create the superhero genre and establish its primacy within the American comic book. The character’s distinctive and iconic suit: a blue, red and yellow costume, complete with cape, with a stylized “S” shield on his chest. This shield is now typically used across media to symbolize the character.