Man With Hammer Smashes Up Fox Run Mall In Newington

Man With Hammer And Newington – A man in New Hampshire is accused of frightening mall shoppers with a hammer, Newington police said.

Michael Williams, 34, began smashing windows and display cases in six different stores in the mall, doing more than $1,500 worth of damage to each store.

Newington police say he then threw the hammer away and sat on an empty bench, waiting to be arrested, as most of the onlookers from the mall dialed 911 from their cell phones Thursday afternoon.

“Ultimately, there was a tremendous amount of damage done. People thought they were being robbed, other people thought gunshots were going off. The potential for somebody to get hurt was great,” said Brian Newcomer, a Newington Police Prosecutor.

Williams was arrested and appeared in court on Friday. His bail was set at $10,000 cash. He is not allowed to enter that mall, while out on bail.

The man’s mother says he struggles with mental issues, including schizophrenia.