Mashed Potato With Gravy Inside 7-Eleven Vending Machine

The 7-Eleven retail chain has a unveiled several Maggi mashed potato vending machines that are really taking off in places like Singapore, and it’s served with warm gravy into a paper cup.

The company celebrated its 85th birthday by revealing the new machines that look identical to the slurpee ones seen in the stores.

Created by Maggi, a company that sells instant-powdered mashed potatoes, the machine mixes the batch with hot water.

The automated machine doesn’t replace the consistency and taste of real potatoes, but it does save a considerable amount of time.

First, you place a cup under the machine’s nozzle. Press the “mashed potato” button and the liquid-like potatoes pour into the cup. Once the machine is done with the potatoes, two seconds later gravy is poured on top.

BBQ-flavored mashed potatoes are another button that you can select.

The machines are in stores overseas and are especially popular in Singapore. One cup of the mashed potatoes costs $1.00.

Some people don’t like the idea of buying these potatoes out of a machine, and the few reviews available by consumers complain that the potatoes were a bit too runny.

Even so, if you’re hungry and shopping inside a 7-Eleven, a warm cup of mashed potatoes topped with gravy sounds more appetizing than a bag of chips.

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