Massapequa Residents: Fine & Jail For Not Mowing

Apparently, the village of Massapequa, on Long Island, New York has a problem with people not mowing their lawns before they are over grown and village officials are going to start issuing heavy fines in order to get the grass cut.

This past Monday a local law was passed by village officials that could see violators of the “failure to mow” law, be fined a $1,000 fine for any yards deemed to be too messy, with repeat offenders getting a $10,000 fine, according to a report by WCBS.

Town officials say the new law was enacted in order to help keep home prices up and the town’s residents healthy and safe.

One resident going by the name of Joseph opposes the new lawn mowing lawn saying, “If it’s an elderly couple that’s having problems maintaining their property, I think we should help them out. I don’t think we should fine them $1,000.”

Massapequa’s mayor, James Altadonna has also proposed that banks, which are in possession of foreclosed homes in Massapequa, also be served a fine of $500 for each time the town has to send out village employees to take care of a foreclosed property, because it has not been maintained.

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