McDonalds Upside-Down Flag, Half Mast After Presidential Election

After grabbing national headlines for flying an upside down American flag at half mast a day after the election, a manager at the West Virginia McDonald’s is claiming it was an ironic accident.

Though the true meaning of a flag being flown upside down means a sign of distress, many took it as a sign of disrespect a day-after President Barrack Obama was elected to a second term.

The situation left a McDonald’s manager having to explain that it was an honest mistake after a cable on the flag pole broke and an employee became confused.

In an e-mail statement to the Huffington Post, manager Karen Mezan wrote, “I just want to say: I am a manager at that McDonald’s. The flag was to be flown at half-staff as per McDonald’s Corporation. As for it being flown upside down – it was a complete and total accident. NO ONE at our store would PURPOSELY fly the flag upside down. Our flag pole is actually broken.”

Mezan went on to say, “Unfortunately, a flag cable broke and during the process of trying the fix the flag, it was inadvertently turned upside down. It wasn’t noticed that the flag was upside down until a customer inquired about it. We are working on fixing the flag right now. It’s important to note that this was an accident, not intentional.”

By 11:30 Wednesday morning the flag had been taken down.

Mezan also explained to a local news station that when the employee who hung the flag, did so at 4:30 in the morning when it was dark and could not see that the flag was upside down.

Meanwhile one veteran doesn’t believe the excuse by the manager. “I think it’s a stab at us. I don’t understand why anyone would want to do this,” veteran Lou Headman said. “We know it was because of the election.”

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