Megan Piper And Mike Stone Prom Date Crushed

Megan Piper, the 19-year-old porn actress, is banned from accompanying Mike Stone, 18, to the school prom in Oakdale, Minnesota.

Stone, 18, tweeted loads of porn stars to see if one would consent to be his date. Megan Piper agreed. So long as Stone could stump up her travel costs from Los Angeles, she’d be there.

But school district superintendent Patty Phillips said Piper’s appearance would be “inconsistent” with the standards the school expect from its visitors.

A hive of controversy should follow. What if you mum or dad is a porn star, would they be not allowed to visit the school? What if your teacher is a porn star? What if the the teachers recognise Megan Piper? Are the porn star’s customers guilty of moral delinquency?

Says Mike Stone’s mum Diven:

“I was a little upset at first and I feel like I’m on my kids and know what they’re up to. But I support him and I don’t understand what her profession has to do with anything.”

Indeed. Porn is legal in the US. The country has throbbing porn industry, albeit one being undone by user-generated content (see Tulisa) on sites like Red Tube and YouPorn. Porn stars are revered, and aped in “leaked” sex tapes from the likes of such wealthy knobs as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Anorak’s just just interviewed Seymour Butts, aka porn star Adam Glasser, star of reality on Showtime’s Family Business. Sasha Grey, a young porn star, was invited to read at primary school.

So. What harm a porn star being a porn consumer’s date?

Pharyngula spotted a study by Benjamin Edelman for the Harvard Business School who found out that Minnesota ranks in the bottom 10 for subscriptions to porn per 1,000 internet users: 1.18 porn subscriptions for every 1,000 Internet users in the state. (Utah with 2.49 subscriptions per 1,000 internet users was on top.)

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