Meth Lab Inside Walmart ‘Public Restroom’ In Boaz

A cleaning crew working at a Boaz, Alabama Walmart discovered a make-shift meth lab in the store’s public restroom last week. It was found in the front store’s women’s bathroom in one of the stalls. Manage then called police to investigate.

Dubbed as a ‘shake and bake’ meth lab, police found 5 empty packets of one of the main ingredients used to make mixture in pseudoephedrine, a cold or allergy medicine, and a water bottle that contained meth residue. The cold medicine used to make the meth was actually a Walgreen’s brand and not one sold in Walmart, police said.

Boaz Police Chief Terry Davis said the make-shift meth lab was stabilized and will be disposed of by the department’s Drug Task Force. The case is still being investigated, and police are reviewing surveillance tapes to see if they can pin-point a person carrying the meth ingredients into the bathroom.

Methamphetamine is a very volatile drug with its residue becoming very flammable because of the combination of chemicals used to create it, which include sulphuric acid or amonia and lighter fluid.

Last December a woman was arrested at a Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart for walking around the store for several hours collecting chemicals and other ingredients to make meth in a bottle kept in her back-pack.

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