Meth In Purse Was Being Cooked At Wal-Mart

Once again, another woman is caught stealing and making meth in her purse inside a Wal-mart store, and she was mixing the ingredients as she shoplifted.

Police say the store security had found the meth mixture in a soda bottle in the unidentified woman’s purse when they pulled her and her male companion aside to question them about shoplifting cosmetics.

According to St. Louis County Police Lt. Mark Cox, the store had to then be evacuated for the safety of the customers due to the fact if the methamphetamine mixture had spilled or leaked in the store it could make people sick.

“The sergeant on the scene that helped to dismantle it said that it was cooking when they showed up, and had the potential to become flammable or blow up at any time,” Cox told KMOX-TV .

“It’s kind of scary,” said a customer who was evacuated from the store. “I’m just kind of astonished that somebody would come up here with a meth lab in their purse. And be dumb enough to shoplift on top of it.”

“There are lots of one-pot cooks,” Lt. Cox told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “But taking it into Walmart is very unusual.”

Earlier in the year a woman was caught after spending several hours walking around a Wal-mart as she stole and mixed meth ingredients in a pack back.

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