Mexican Woman Having Nine Babies Was A Sick Hoax

After a Mexican woman received significant global media attention claiming to be pregnant with nine babies, or nonuplets, it became relevant that it was a hoax,

Living near the Texas border in Coahuila, Mexico, Karla Vanessa Perez claimed she had received fertility treatments and had become pregnant with six girls and three boys. After previously having a set of triplets, several American and Mexican media outlets, rushed to interview the next possible Octomom.

Perez said in one interview, “It’s very early to think of names for the babies… First I hope that everything goes well,” after calling her pregnancy “miraculous.”

After even presenting a fake ultrasound picture, Perez claimed that her doctors were planning to deliver the babies on May 20th by caesarean.

“The doctors have scheduled that date but if all looks good they may hold on for another month when the babies are more developed so they can spend less time incubated,” Perez said.

However, Perez’s mother revealed the scam when she slipped up during an interview with an investigative reporter. She stated that her daughter could no longer have children after a procedure to ensure so, following the birth of her triplets.

The story was then confirmed to be a hoax after a Telemundo reporter contacted the Mexican secretary of health, and they confirmed that Perez was not pregnant at all.

“That woman needs urgent psychological treatment,” Jose Salvador Gallegos Mata of the Mexican Society of Gynecology and Urology told MSN after finding out she had lied to everyone.

With no reason yet given for the hoax, the motivation behind it appears to be financial as during one interview about the nine babies Perez had said, “My husband doesn’t make so much money as a tire fitter, so I think we’re going to need extra help with hospital costs and everything.”

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