Minnesota Nativity Curly Goat Found, $250 Reward

A goat named Curly meant to be used in a live nativity scene a Bethlehem Lutheran Church, in Fergus Falls, Minnesota on Christmas eve, has been found 3 1/2 weeks after escaping from handlers unloading him at the church.

A farm owner, named Tony Loomer, located south-west of Fergus Falls, came out to feed his own horses and goats, Wednesday when he discovered he had more animals to feed then normal.

Loomer reported to a local radio station that Curly was wet. cold and was hungry appearing to have lost a bit of weight.

Curly’s owner Jim Aakre was notified of the finding and went Loomer’s farm to positively identify Curly. Aakre, and his wife decided after realizing that it was their lost 3-year-old Angora goat that they would just transport him home in their car instead of making a return trip with a trailer.

Curly had last been spotted by residence in town a couple days after the holiday and gave chase but could not catch the goat. Shortly after the Christmas Eve escape a $250 reward had been raised to anyone who caught Curly, no word if that was presented to Mr. Loomer.

Angora goats, are not considered very hardy, they also have high nutritional requirements due to their rapid hair growth.

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