Mom And Son Die Same Day In Separate Accidents

A set of tragic events a mother, and her son died on the same day in separate accidents near Milwaukee, Wisconsin last Sunday.

Police in West Allis report that Mary Moore was struck and killed in a hit-and-run incident around 1 am on Sunday morning. They believe that the mother had been drinking and was lying in the street when a truck ran over her and then left the scene.

Subsequently, hours later while her 22-year-old son, Thomas Olson, was hustling to the medical center to get to his mother in another vehicle driven by someone also suspected of drinking, got into an accident that claimed his life.

Police report that the driver of the vehicle Olson was in hit three parked vehicles around 5:30 am and overturned. The driver, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, was arrested for suspicion of driving while drunk.

West Allis Deputy Chief Charles Padgett is using the tragedy to warn people, though they are concerned over a loved one, they should get themselves to the hospital as safely as possible.

“It’s emotional. We want to get there fast and sometimes disregard our safety,” Padgett said. “I use it to remind people that regardless of the circumstances, be aware of the speed.”

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