Mother Driving With New Baby Zipped In Purse

While driving in the U.S. Virgin Islands a St. Croix mother was stopped by police for a routine traffic stop last week only to find she had zipped her baby up in her purse. According to the police statement, who was pulled over was driving a pick-up truck, and while the officer was speaking with the woman, he heard an infant crying.

When the officer questioned her about the baby crying she grabbed her purse sitting on the seat next to her and opened it up to reveal a newborn girl. She told the officer that the infant was born a week earlier at home. But then officers took the child because the mother said she had received no prenatal care and was on the way to the doctor.

The unidentified mother could face criminal charges but it was not yet known if any were filed against her.

Island roads in St. Croix tend to be poorly surfaced and may take sharp turns due to the terrain. Cars drive on the left hand side of the road, but nearly all the automobiles on the island have left side steering columns. This has proven difficult for new residents and visitors from right-hand traffic locales such as the mainland United States and Puerto Rico.

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