Mugger Picks Ultimate Fighting Champion Chicago, Wrong Guy To Mess With

Mugger And Ultimate Fighting Champion Chicago – A mugger in Chicago picks the wrong guy to mess with, which happened to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

He approached a man sitting on a parked car, but ended up with a face covered in bruises and a bullet in his ankle.

With a gun pulled, Anthony Miranda demanded money from the unnamed victim.

Surprisingly, the fighter handed it over, but Miranda took it a step further and ordered him out of the car to intimidate his victim.

The victim got out of his car and that’s when Miranda blanked and saw darkness.

Before he knew it, he shot his own ankle, and was watching someone punching his lights out.

The Ultimate Fighting Champion is a machine that you don’t confront.

The victim, who told police he’s a martial arts expert and the current Ultimate Fighting Champion, was able to pin Miranda down until police arrived.

Police arrived to find Miranda with a face full of cuts and two black eyes. He was taken to Holy Cross Hospital for treatment, police said.

Judging by Miranda’s face, the victim knew how to throw a punch and it’s understandable on why the police didn’t release his name.