Murray Greig Is Scotlands Notorious Streaker

Murray Greig jumped on the field at a rugby match on June 5 and flashed the crowd as his country’s team pulled an upset against Australia, 9-6.

There’s only one guarantee when a kilted Scot storms the field, and Greig proved it that night: there’s nothing beneath that wool and plaid but a whole lot of wobbly bits.

It was weird enough that Scotland dominated Australia. Nobody, not even Greig, expected that. But even weirder was that a drunken Greig decided to streak at an away game. When streaking at an opponent’s field, it takes a spectacular show to get the fans on your side.

And show Greig did. He showed everything, via handstands, kilt lifting and security dodging. He’s been on the front page of virtually every Australian and UK newspaper.

“My seats were five rows from the front. The last kick of the game put Scotland in the lead. They haven’t beaten Australia in Australia for 30 years so all I could think was this was the perfect moment for me to run on the pitch and claim my moment of fame,” said Greig. “There was barely any security, so it had to be done.”

What’s next for Scotland’s most famous streaker?

“Make sure to keep an eye on me, I’m planning on making some sort of career out of it,” he said.

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