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Nail In Brain Survives Gun “No man, that’s in your head”

01/23/2012 07:34 PM ET

Dante Autullo and his girlfriend Gail Glaenzer were shocked to learn how a victim survives a fatal blow to the brain from a nail gun as the construction worker brushed it off as nothing more than a scratch, but this Illinois man finally sought medical treatment the next day.

After the 3 1/4-inch nail became lodged in the middle of Dante Autullo, the 32-year-old Illinois man thought that the nail “just whizzed by” and he had survived the object by just cutting himself, saying it only “felt like a punch to the side of his head.” He had his girlfriend, Gail Glaenzer clean the wound with peroxide.

Not knowing that he had actually been shot through his skull, he went on with his day, which included, plowing snow then picking his and Glaenzer’s son up from school, the following day. However, Autullo started feeling more and more sick, and both he and Glaenzer, thought maybe he should goto the hospital to get checked out.

An x-ray had shown that the metal object was lodged dangerously close to a part of the brain that controls motor function.

When shown the evidence on how close the object was near his brain, Autullo said, “When they brought in the picture, I said to the doctor ‘Is this a joke? Did you get that out of the doctors joke file?’ The doctor said ‘No man, that’s in your head.’”

After two hours of surgery at another hospital that could handle such a delicate procedure, doctors were able to remove the object, and Autullo is doing fine.

“He feels good. He moved all his limbs, he’s talking normal, he remembers everything,” Glaenzer said of his survival. “It’s amazing, a miracle.”

“He was joking with me (after surgery), ‘We need to get the Discovery Channel up here to tape this,’” she recalled him saying. “‘I’m one of those medical miracles.’” He also said not to play with nail guns.

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