Nikoleta Karoly Choked Boyfriend For Marriage and Visa (document)

Nikoleta Karoly is accused of choking her boyfriend in Naples, Florida because he refused to marry her so she could get a new visa (document) to remain in the country.

Karoly, 24, was charged with domestic violence on Saturday night after she attacked the man because he wouldn’t marry her to stop her being deported.

She had been in a relationship with the man, who was not identified, for two months.

Her immigration visa expired last week according to Naples News and she lost her temper when her boyfriend did not agree to a wedding.

She slapped him so hard that the man feared he would lose his hearing, a police report stated and he was covered in scratches.

She then threatened him with a kitchen knife.

Karoly, who is believed to be from Hungary, told police that his injuries had happened during sex “because it makes it better.”

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