No Pants Sunday Plans Fifth Annual Event

No Pants Sunday – The No Pants Metro Ride is taking place in various cities across the nation this weekend, beginning with Washington D.C. to San Francisco. The fifth annual event recommends to drop the clothing but keeping the undergarments on.

There are multiple events scheduled and the organizers recommend keeping things at a “PG-13” or “safer” level to respect indecency laws and to avoid offending others that may be on the subway with their children.

To find out the local time for your area, visit the No Pants Metro Ride Facebook page for scheduling.

We got word that the metro police in certain cities will be watching people like a hawk during the “No Pants” annual event, so make are you keep things “safe” because we wouldn’t want to see you arrested.

It’s important to remember that this is NOT a nudism group, nor is it affiliated with any nudism organization.

The point of the day is not to “protest pants” it is to enjoy the hilarity that ensues when 400 people one day just… forget their pants!

Also remember to comply with any and all instruction given by anyone of authority. This is supposed to be a fun event for everyone so we aren’t out to protest or break any laws. This is not a political movement and it’s been difficult to separate from that since it is Election year.

Remember to post pictures of your ‘No Pants’ colleagues as you’re on the ride, and remember to have a good laugh.

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