November 2011 Celebrity Quotes and Statements

November 2011 Celebrity Quotes – With only a few days of campaigning left before the general elections on November 20th, the rivalry amongst politicians is growing ever more intense.

All the party leaders as well as numerous party members are travelling from coast to coast across the country and in their wake, they have left a trail of quotable quotes – some ingenious, others incendiary.

This is a selection of some of the most memorable words so far:

Esperanza Aguirre (PP): “A socialist creating employment is like Paris Hilton founding convents.”

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba (PSOE), to Felipe Gonzalez: “You don’t tell me what to do, I listen to you.”

Rosa Diez (UPyD): “The Madrid Senate ballot paper is illegal owing to an error in the order of candidates.”

Communist Party, Getafe: “Merkel is going to succeed where Hitler failed – she’s going to make Europe into Greater Germany.”

Mariano Rajoy (PP), after performing a little jump on stage in Valencia: “I can do it again and again because I am fit.”

Alfred Bosch (ERC): “Rather than a face to face (the debate) it will be a backside to backside because both projects are interchangeable.”