Obese 835 Pound Teen Cut From Home During 8 Hour Process

An obese teen weighing 835 pounds had to be cut out of her Wales, UK home late last week, by emergency workers, home builders and scaffoldings, during an 8 hour process in order to be able transport her to the hospital to begin getting treatment.

Georgina Davis had been reported to have been unable to move on her own and had been trapped in her bedroom for several months. Friends and neighbors had commented that just a year-ago Davis had weighed 630 pounds.

Workers tore down a first floor wall and then built a scaffolding bridge from the home to the street where an ambulance waited.

Back in 2008 weighing in at 462, it looked like Davis was headed in the right direction with trying to become healthier, when she was told she needed to lose at least 280 pounds, or she would die. At the tome, she had won herself a scholarship to a North Carolina health camp where she was placed on a 1,500 calorie a day diet and ended up losing 210 pounds. She had also at the time had been able to overcome the type 2 diabetes she had been suffering from.

However, after returning home from the camp Davis fell back into old habits and quickly started to gain weight again. After losing her father at an early age her mother and now stepfather have health issues of their own and could not take care of Georgina properly.

“It is, obviously, an astonishing case, probably unique … this is severe and complex obesity. You can no longer apply the normal logic. Other factors are at play here; profound psychological problems. This is not just someone who has trouble controlling an impulse to snack,” David Haslam, a Hertfordshire GP with a special interest in obesity and cardiometabolic disease, consultant at the Centre for Obesity Research at Luton and Dunstable Hospital, and clinical director of the National Obesity Forum said to the Guardian newspaper.

Davis says that she has none to blame but herself for her condition saying when she received help in America it was in a controlled environment and then when she returned home she felt alone because her parents and friends weren’t trying to lose weight as well.

The most imminent issue for Davis is heart failure due to her weight, and that she will likely need a bariatric surgery, where a medical device is implanted around the stomach, and or a part of the stomach is removed to make it smaller. She will then be placed on a similar program like the one she was in a America and receive extra counseling for outside factors.

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