Obiwan Kenobi ‘Hit and Run’ Gets Arrested

A California man, whose real name is actually Obiwan Kenobi after the famous Star Wars Jedi, was arrested last weekend in connection to 5 hit and runs.

Police in Roseville, California say that the 37-year-old Obiwan was suspected of being responsible for a 5 vehicle crash with injuries back on March 19th and leaving the scene afterwards.

According to the police report, he was driving in a green Toyota and tried to merge back into a straight-ahead lane out of the left-hand turn lane and ended up striking two other vehicle already traveling in the straight-lane.

The crash set off a chain reaction where the two vehicles he struck hit other vehicles.

He then fled the scene in his Toyota.

Two people were reported to have suffered injuries related to the accident.

After an investigation, Police showed up at Kenobi’s home on Saturday April 21st and arrested him for the hit and runs, and for an unrelated petty theft charge.

He was placed in the Placer County Jail, and later released on $17,500 bail.

Apparently, Kenobi’s original name was Benjamin Cale Feit, but he decided to change it when a radio station in 1999 offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who would legally change their name to the famous Jedi Knight.

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