Octomom Receives Welfare And Receives Death Threats At Home

Octomom Nadya Suleman is now receiving death threats for collecting welfare.

Within hours after a national tabloid reports that the Octomom was collecting welfare and vowing never to seek government assistance, Suleman begin receiving death threats from people who are upset with her decision after consciously deciding to have fertility treatments, which caused her to have 6 children.

The death threats are coming from those who are upset their tax dollars going to support Suleman and her children.

TMZ reports that the Suleman is receiving $2,000 a month in welfare benefits from the state of California. The Octomom qualified for welfare after indicating she made less than $119,000 a year, which for a family of 15, qualified her to get the benefits.

TMZ also reports that after no longer able to afford it, Suleman has pulled her children out of private school, except for one son who happens to be autistic.

Suleman tells TMZ that she wanted to avoid having to collect welfare, but after becoming ‘totally destitute’ her hand was forced, and she plans on it to only be a temporary solution for a month or two at most.

She also tells TMZ that the people who are angry with her and sending death threats should focus that anger on those who abuse the system and not her.

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