Ohio Troopers Find Gift Wrapped Packages Of Pot

Ohio Troopers Find Gift Wrapped Pot – Ohio troopers making a traffic stop of 2011 Chevy Cruz on I-70, find a pot present, a gift-wrapped package containing 25 individually wrapped packets of marijuana. Police stopped the vehicle in Springfield for a driving under suspension violation.

The driver, from Washington state, has been charged with trafficking and possession of marijuana and possession of criminal tools, both felonies, and a misdemeanor count of driving under suspension.

The State Highway Patrol says the 28 pounds of pot discovered in the car’s trunk is valued at more than $63,000.

The car was a rental, but the renter wasn’t in the vehicle. The rental company requested that it be towed. Troopers said while taking an administrative inventory of the car, they found drug paraphernalia in the glove compartment. That gave troopers probable cause to search the car.

According to the highway patrol, there were more drug-related items in the trunk where the pot was found.

Thirty-five-year-old Robert Gomez of Bremerton, Wash., is being held in the Clark County jail. Jail officials didn’t know whether he had an attorney, and none was indicated in court records.

The price or street value of cannabis varies strongly by region and area. In addition, some dealers may sell potent buds at a higher price. In the United States, cannabis is overall the #4 value crop, and is #1 or #2 in many states including California, New York and Florida, averaging $3,000/lb. It is believed to generate an estimated $36 billion market.

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