Pabst Replaces College Students Stolen Beer

After hearing about a report on a local news station, WOWT News 6, in Lincoln Nebraska of how a man stole a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer from a college student while she sitting on her patio, the local beer distributor decided to replace it for her.

Jessica Robertson said she was sitting on her patio one night last week around 11pm with her friends enjoying a cold one, when a group of men came up and asked to join them. Robertson and her friends declined and then one of the men flashed what seemed to be a knife and grabbed the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer that belonged to the students and ran off. It was stolen.

After calling police the man was caught and brought back to Roberston’s home to be identified then arrested.

He was also found to be carrying a fork and not a knife.

A man named Rick who worked at the local PBR beer distributor caught the news story and felt the right thing to do was present Jessica with several cases of beer for her troubles.

“We’re really sorry what happened to you last week with someone taking your beer from you,” Rick said when he presented the cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon to Jessica at her home.

He then hung around and had a beer himself with her.

“My parents will be so proud,” Jessica said about the beer man.

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