Ranger Uses Taser On Man Walking Dogs In State Park

Ranger allegedly uses his taser gun on a man for walking his dogs in a state park.

An investigation has begun of a unidentified female northern California park ranger after a taser incident involving a man walking with an unleashed dog through a state park.

Apparently, the ranger had tried to educate Gary Hesterberg about his unleashed terrier in the park when the encounter became heated, with Hesterberg turning away from the ranger to leave. When he began to leave, the ranger hit Hesterberg in the back with her taser and instructed him, after he fell to the ground, to roll over to be cuffed.

One witness, John Barlett told local newspaper, Moon Bay Review, “I heard what I thought was a pistol shot,” adding, “he let out a cry of agony as he fell on his back.”

Barlett said that it took several minutes for Hesterberg to move from the shock of the taser, with the ranger yelling at him several times to roll over.

“It’s an unfortunate incident. It began as an information and education contact and then it went in a different direction,” Howard Levitt, a spokesman for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, said in a statement.

Levitt indicates that Hesterberg gave the ranger a false identity and tried to ignore her and leave which led to her actions.

“The individual failed repeatedly to follow an order by the ranger to remain at the scene while trying to ascertain his identity,” Levitt said.

Hesterberg was treated by paramedics at the scene and then was arrested for failing to obey a lawful order and providing an authority false information.

Another witness said the rangers actions were unjustified and never gave Hesterberg a reason as to why she was detaining him.

Michelle Babcock told the San Francisco Chronicle. “He just tried to walk away, she never gave him a reason. …It didn’t make any sense.”

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