Pen Still Works After Being In Stomach

Pen Stomach – A pen was removed from a woman’s’ stomach after 25 years. But what’s more shocking than the woman swallowing it, is the fact that the pen still worked after being in her stomach for a quarter-century.

The British woman had her fiasco published in The British Medical Journal Case Reports. They chronicled the 76-year-old’s unusual case.

First, she was sent to a gastrointestinal specialist following various symptoms, which included weight loss. When they examined the woman’s stomach, they found a foreign object. That jogged the woman’s memory, and she recalled accidentally injecting a pen, more than 25 years ago.

Is anyone else wondering just how this came to be?

She was cross-examining a spot on her tonsil, with the item, she accidentally fell and swallowed it. At the time of the incident, her physician husband took a look at her abdominal films and reported them as normal.

Her current gastroscopy demonstrated that there was, in fact, a plastic pen sitting in her tummy. Shockingly, she had no gastric damage.

It turned out that her health issues had nothing to do with the writing device in her stomach. However, they went ahead and took it out, just to be safe.

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